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Join us at the table as one overzealous Yank steers three sardonic Brits through a bespoke Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign!

Get ready for raw, unfiltered audio, seasoned with just a dash of commentary from (the often incredulous) Kevin the DM. Dungeons will be delved! Off-colour jokes will be told! Sound like your thing? Then tune in for fun, frolics and felony each Friday!

By the way, if the BBFC gave half a crap about podcasts, they would probably rate this one 15 for “language and crude humour”. You have been warned!

jailhouse doc


baddy wagon

It’s timefor a swift getaway before the Graidy Bunch discover Platan’s woopsie. But the return to Camp Eltimar brings only more weirdness as Peg has unexpected visitors, everyone is served ale by a minotaur and absolutely no one gets an Emmy award.

the graidy bunch

Some randoms find themselves thrown together for an urgent mission into bandit country. Will Doctor Jeff (not a rapper) make his ‘special delivery’ on time? Will Peg succeed in keeping her Frog glossy? Will Platan ever live down his outrageous overreaction? Tune in to find out!