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Join us at the table as one overzealous Yank steers three sardonic Brits through a bespoke Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign!

Get ready for raw, unfiltered audio, seasoned with just a dash of commentary from (the often incredulous) Kevin the DM. Dungeons will be delved! Off-colour jokes will be told! Sound like your thing? Then tune in for fun, frolics and felony each Friday!

By the way, if the BBFC gave half a crap about podcasts, they would probably rate this one 15 for “language and crude humour”. You have been warned!

Wishing Well Hell



It’s anarachnotastic spine-tingler as our spelunking party descend to where coin-propelled wishes go to die. Tan summons a box! Doctor Jeff C-sections cocoons! Peg gets swarmed! It may be epic, but the phobic among you might want to give this one a miss.

a vicious circle

After abetting the escape of war criminals, Tan discovers a weird fetish and our troubled party are asked to go and fetch a constable. Reluctant to leave her homestead, Peg is introduced to Azif the Mule Whisperer, who promises to look after things while she is away...

he's dead, jim

Tan's boss scarpers and Broken Beam crams his tavern full of mules. Jeff administers a witch’s brew then meets a baby with a tail. Peg buries a friend and a spectral assassin goes murder hobo. Why does nothing interesting ever happen around here?

boom box

Our crew locate a grisly lair, they tarry at the Harried Hare, Peg is blasted off her chair, the sound of banjos fills the air. Throw in a batty witch, a giant crab, unintelligible rednecks and a swamp, and you have recipe for adventure! Or simply some weird-ass tea.

jailhouse doc

Doctor Jeff is summoned to treat a POW while sneaky Platan gathers intelligence in a hayloft. Seeking alternative medicine, our company journeys to a bog to find a witch but is harassed by a mutant beast en route, triggering a bestial discovery of Peg’s own. Rrawr!

baddy wagon

It’s time for a swift getaway before the Graidy Bunch discover Platan’s woopsie. But the return to Camp Eltimar brings only more weirdness as Peg has unexpected visitors, everyone is served ale by a minotaur and absolutely no one gets an Emmy award.

the graidy bunch

Some randoms find themselves thrown together for an urgent mission into bandit country. Will Doctor Jeff (not a rapper) make his ‘special delivery’ on time? Will Peg succeed in keeping her Frog glossy? Will Platan ever live down his outrageous overreaction? Tune in to find out!